Jiggity jig

Today is my first day back to work. I’ve spent much of my time so far checking emails and catching up with coworkers on the goings-on at our office. I still have photos that need to be organized; hell, I still have photos that need to be uploaded!

My body is still moving forward, a result of spending nearly two weeks in a car driving across the country. We saw amazing sights, from northeast to southwest and home again. The vastness and beauty of our country makes me feel quite small indeed. I wish I had something monumental and utterly quotable to say about our experiences; instead, all I have to offer is “OMG awesome epicness!”

We have a lot to say about the things we’ve done and seen, and the lack of road wifi gives us the opportunity to do post-vacation reflection articles instead of on-the-scene blurbs. So what was one of my favorite things about vacation?


The food. Obviously! All right, all right: there was much more to the road trip than just food, and I promise we’ll get to all of it eventually. Today, I just need to start some projects at work, then finish Portal 2 when I get home tonight.


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