“Diane, if you ever get up this way, that cherry pie is worth a stop.”

In my previous post, I listed out our tentative tour stops, polling the internets for any suggestions on good stopping points along the way.

As today is March 14, I’ve been thinking about pie. Diner pie, to be precise.

This man (pictured) knows his pie.

When I first met Agent Dale Cooper, I was eleven years old. He’s just arrived in Twin Peaks after the shocking murder of Laura Palmer. Almost immediately I decided that I would grow up to be an FBI agent myself, driving around the country solving mysteries.

Drinking coffee and eating pie, of course.

None of that happened, but at least I’ll get to do the driving around the country part for two weeks next month. (Holy crap balls, one more month to go!)

Last Friday, I picked up a copy of Roadfood: The Coast-to-Coast Guide to 700 of the Best Barbecue Joints, Lobster Shacks, Ice Cream Parlors, Highway Diners, and Much, Much More, and it’s making for interesting bedtime reading as I figure out which restaurants are on our route, and, most importantly, which ones are vegetarian-friendly. The good news is, most desert pies are already vegetarian-friendly, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some, especially while we’re driving across the southern states.

Pecan pie, anyone?

Along our road trip, we’ll be documenting our meals, including diner pie. So tell us, oh wise and lovely internets, about your favorite pie. What’s the best diner to order up a slice or three? Is it fruity, like strawberry, or is it creamy, like chocolate pudding? Do you eat it with ice cream, whipped cream, or both? Served hot or cold?


2 Responses to ““Diane, if you ever get up this way, that cherry pie is worth a stop.””

  1. 15 March 2011 at 12:05 am

    I really like the pies at the Norske Nook, but they’re even more out of your way than Madison is. Unless you decide to stop by Minneapolis as well?

    Otherwise, Bakers Square has surprisingly good pies for a chain place – way better than, say, Perkins, which you might suspect they’d resemble. I forget whether they exist outside the Midwest, and their restaurant locater is currently broken. (Also, my recommendation is dated, as their location in Appleton closed a few years back, so for all I know they could have been bought out and gone downhill. But I hope this isn’t the case!)

    I like the idea that FBI agents are all big into pie.

  2. 15 March 2011 at 2:35 pm

    When I write my national bestselling murder mystery novel, I will have all my FBI agents sitting around local diners, eating pie. They’ll compare notes about different diners in cities across the country, about which ones have the best pie.

    Bakers Square has several choices of pie right on their website homepage. It’ll be worth a stop, I think, should we be passing one.

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