The Single Tear Tour 2011

This week we started a thing: we’re meeting every Monday afternoon over coffee to discuss trip planning. Good times!

The driving route is a couple steps closer to complete.   We narrowed down our crazy long list of possible stops to a more managable rough outline of destinations.  We’ve also picked our starting route; going south and then turning west.  Will we get to Athens, GA in time to catch a show on Saturday night?  I certainly hope so.

Looking at our rough outline of destinations, it makes an oval across the United States.  Jokingly, I started calling our trip The Single Tear Tour 2011.  This may call for a t-shirt because every cool tour has a t-shirt.  Does anyone want to design our logo?  🙂

I’ve started contacting friends we may try to meet up with along the way.  We’re also being put in touch with friends of friends that we’re welcome to meet on our travels.

We’re considering what to document daily.  Andrea and I both knit, and I think I may start a pair of socks for the occasion.  I can take a daily photo of my progress.  Sure, it may end up being a bit of a Yarn Harlot rip-off, but I love her and I hear imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Speaking of daily photo documentation, we’re certainly going to take a million photos of all sorts of things.  I’ve figured out the login for my long dormant Flickr account and Andrea has created a Flickr group for us.  All our pictures will be in one place!

We’ve already started tweeting with the hashtag #2girls1car.  A sidebar on the blog for tweets may be a good thing to add.  It’s another thing to look into.

I need to pick up a US road atlas.  While we have GPS to guide us, I must admit to a great fondness for physical maps.  I want to have a brand-spanking-new road atlas to keep as a journal of our trip. By the end, it will be our scrapbook of road trip epicness.


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